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Monday, October 30, 2006

GOTV is almost here!

It is our last full week before election day and you can feel the electricity in the office. I can't write much because I need to get back to entering last minute data, building visibility totems, and finding phone bank volunteers.

Speaking of phone bank volunteers....we need your help on election day and the three days before, or GOTV weekend as we like to call it in the biz. Please go to to sign up to volunteer. Even if you only have one hour to give Saturday-Tuesday we can use your help.

Onward to victory!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Something's Happening In District 1

Carol Shea-Porter has always been a candidate who will go door-to-door across the district and try to earn each individual vote personally. She has attended town halls, canvassed with constituents and worked hard with her tireless corps of volunteers as oppossed to Jeb Bradley's style of campaigning from inside a bubble. He has had television ads produced and attended high donor fundraisers, but he is not the type of guy who will meet with you individually, and it's beginning to show.

Here is what Beth LaMontagne of the Portsmouth Herald wrote about Carol Shea-Porter this weekend in a story entitled "Taking The Pulse of the People." LaMontagne had been touring the first district, talking to individuals in the various towns, trying to get a sense of how average folks feel about the election that's only 15 days away.

Each town seemed most concerned about the local problems it was tackling,
but the one hot button issue on everyone's minds from the White Mountains to
Rockingham County was the war in Iraq.

"I think we all got bamboozled by Bush and this stupid war," said Fred
Buchholz of Gilmanton. "What I don't understand is the apathy of people.
Nobody's jumping up screaming (in protest)."

...If campaign signs and letters to the editor in the small town weeklies
are any indication, Shea-Porter has been getting her name out through a
grassroots, strategy-driven campaign and could earn more votes than the experts

Traditionally, western Rockingham County and Carroll County have been
the most Republican regions in the state, but political scientists say those
areas are becoming more moderate. Residents who were asked said they were
satisfied with Bradley, but in front of both newer homes and old New England
farms, the Shea-Porter signs outnumbered Bradley's about two to one.

It's going to take a lot more hard work in the next two weeks, but Carol Shea-Porter is builiding momentum on the ground. Bradley is going to looking over his shoulder a lot over these last 15 days and he's seeing Shea-Porter get closer each time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bass a YouTube Hit!

Last week, Charlie Bass spoke at the Bi-State Republican Columbus Day Dinner in Fairlee, VT. On Tuesday, Charlie Bass's speech was posted on the internet video giant YouTube under the title "Charlie Bass Unplugged in VT" and it quickly became one of the most viewed and talked about videos on the website and since it was posted it has been viewed over 9,000 times, prompting lots of blog chatter and spin-offs.

On the day it went up, it was the 87th most viewed video on You Tube, the following day it was the 84th most viewed. Meanwhile, posts by keener and republic not empire on blogger giant DailyKos regarding the video and Bass's remarks in it also became two of the most recommended and discussed of the day on October 12. By the end of the week, 2nd congressional district blogger keener of the blog nh-02 progressive noted that the video was rated as the 80th most discussed video and the 92nd most viewed video under the "News & Blogs" category on YouTube. (Since then it has gone up to 76th and 87th in discussion and views respectively)

Understandably, it may not be clear as to whether this video of Bass's comments regarding Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders and the Mark Foley sex scandal is actually making a noticeable impact. Here's a little perspective: Bass Unplugged has been viewed 9,057 times on YouTube since it was posted last week. Meanwhile, 23,650 people have watched the George Allen "macaca" video since that was posted on YouTube about 2 months ago. Plus, "Bass Unplugged in VT" has been viewed more times than Mel Gibson's interview with Good Morning America.

There have also been futher videos posted including, "Charlie (Bass's) Angels," that likens Charlie Bass to Charlie of the classic TV show. The difference being that the angels aren't Jill St. John or Farrah Fawcett, Charlie Bass's angels are Tom DeLay, Dennis Hastert, and George W. Bush.

Check out this link for new videos about New Hampshire Democrats, it's updated regularly keep an eye on it:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Local and National Polls Great News for Dems, Hodes, CSP

New national polls are further energizing Democrats here in New Hampshire as a little more than 3 weeks remain before the election on November 7.

A new USA Today/Gallup poll release last week showed that President Bush’s approval rating is at 37 points, which is a seven point drop over the last three weeks. This is trouble for both Charlie Bass and Jeb Bradley who have each voted overwhelmingly with the president and the GOPleadership. Their lockstep with their party is putting them in even hotter water because congress is currently polling at 24 percent (a five point drop from September).

Democrats have a walloping 23 point lead, 59 percent to 36, on a generic ballot, doubling the lead that Republicans had a month before the ’94 elections. The worst news for the two congressman is that the number of people polled who said they would re-elect their own congressman is also at it’s lowest since 1994.

Meanwhile, a local poll revealed great news for Democratic congressioonal candidate Paul Hodes. In the new independent poll, conducted by Becker Institute, Inc., showed Paul Hodes leading Charlie Bass by 9 points. The poll revealed more bad news for Bass as it showed that 40 percent of voters view him unfavorably, only three points less than the 43 percent who do view him favorably. As Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph said, "that is never where an incumbent wants to be."

Under increasing pressure from Paul Hodes, over the last few weeks Charlie Bass has had to deal with repeated scandals. First, his Policy Director was forced to resign after using government resources for campaigning, a violation of House rules. Then, on Monday, Bass was caught on tape downplaying the Mark Foley sex scandal, and making comments about VT Congressman Bernie Sanders that reminded many of Sen. George Allen's "macaca" comment.

Even the "good news" was not so good for Charlie Bass as an American Research Group poll showed Bass only up by six points (48-42) and within the margin of error (MoE).

The Becker Institue poll also showed Carol Shea-Porter (CSP!) gaining on Congressman Jeb Bradley. Over the last month, support for Bradley has dropped below 50 percent. Bradley now only leads CSP 49-37 with 14 percent undecided and according to Landrigan, the summary from the poll said that "Jeb Bradley could have his hands full holding onto this seat."

All this information also is a good omen for Democratic candidates at the state level. With GOP numbers falling every day at the top of the ticket, Dems across the state are liking their chances on November 7 more and more.

However, we are not taking anything for granted. Our candidates still need your help though. In the last 21 days of the election and on November 7 itself we need volunteers and supporters to help get more and more people excited about our Democratic candidates and GET OUT THE VOTE.

CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER or call the NHDP coordinated campaign office at (603) 625-0010.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

YouTube: Bass Shows True Colors

On Monday night, GOP Congressman Charlie Bass was at the annual Bi-State Republican Columbus Day Dinner in Fairlee, VT. At the event Bass demonstrated that he is feeling the heat after recent polling showed Democratic Congressional Candidate Paul Hodes catching up with him quickly.

A video posted on the internet video website YouTube entiled "Charlie Bass Unplugged in VT" showed Bass trying to turn the Mark Foley sex scandal into a punchline and making comments about VT Congressman Bernie Sanders that frankly sounded like something that Sen. George Allen from Virginia would say.

Here's what he said about Bernie Sanders:

"Ah yes. It's going to be nice, not to have Hugo Chavez across the Connecticut River, representing Vermont-at-large. Bernie Sanders and his Sandernistas can go back to taxi-driving in the Bronx of New York City where they came from to begin with."

Bernie Sanders grew up in Brooklyn, not The Bronx. As for what Bass may or may not have meant by this, it is not clear, but it certainly sounds a lot like something Sen. Allen would say.

To read about his comments on blogger giant Daily Kos, read NH-02: Meet New Hampshire's Mr. Macaca. On Tuesday, this was the 42nd most recommended diary on kos.

Bass did not stop his partisanship there, instead he launched into a discussion of the current scandal surrounding Mark Foley and the possible cover-up by the GOP leadership.

Earlier in the week, Bass had said, "For the good of the House of Representatives and our nation, the questions about who had what knowledge about Mark Foley's behavior must be resolved quickly and thoroughly." Here's what he said about Foley at the Bi-State GOP event:
Everybody's talking about Mark Foley. Everybody's talking about Mark Foley and how who knew what and when. Mark Foley made a mistake. A big mistake. He resigned. And now Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Democrat, says that we covered it up, that we're the party of corruption, that there's no hope -- let me give you a couple of little things. First of all, in 1982, Gerry Studds, Congressman from Cape Cod, actually was apprehended having a sexual relationship with a male page. He was censored. And she voted five times subsequent to that to make him a sub-committee chairman. I would also point out that since I've been elected to Congress, five Congressman have gone to jail -- four of them were Democrats. Four of them were Democrats! Do you remember that? Five congressmen have gone to jail, four of them were Democrats, and they got two more on deck -- Jefferson and Mollohan. We've got one, by the way, so we're still ahead. So when you here these people chortling, just remember that it's time to get beyond Mark Foley and the last couple of weeks and start talking about what we stand for."

It's pretty interesting to see what Bass says to people when he thinks that there is nobody watching. Aside from the fact that a lot of what Bass says is not true (either that or he counts Bob Ney, 'Duke' Cunningham, Tom DeLay, and Mark Foley as one person), Bass completely changes his tune from what he said to the mainstream press. It is becoming more and more clear that Dennis Hastert, John Boehner, Tim Reynolds and others in the GOP leadership ignored Foley's possible felony offenses in order to protect the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives, but instead of holding them accountable for placing 16 year old Congressional Pages at risk from a possible poedephile, Bass tries to shift blame, avoid responsibility and maintain his close ties to the leadership of his party.

The Valley News printed the story and the story was also reprinted in the Concord Monitor. However, it was only when Charlie Bass was approached by THE HILL, that he "apologized" for his remarks regarding Bernie Sanders.

Bass said it’s important to understand the comments in the context of the inter-state rivalry and that he had no intention of offending anybody. He said the Hodes campaign is blowing it up because the election is just weeks away.
"I guess it’s just a reflection on the fact that you can’t really have fun anymore in a campaign," Bass told The Hill on Thursday. "I had no ill will of any sort against anybody or any place or anything. It was all said as a couple of introductory lines in jest. I apologize if anybody was offended, but quite honestly I just think we’ve reached a point where you can’t make a joke.
"I feel strongly that it’s not a big issue at all," he added.

Charlie Bass is one of only four voices representing New Hampshire in Washington DC, and he believes that cracking an ethnic joke is "not a big issue at all." Later, his office was also pressed by The Valley News to offer an explanation for his comments.

“I meant in no way to offend anybody under any circumstances, and nobody would have been, but some fellow snuck into the party with a video camera meaning to do anything he possibly could to create an issue.”

As MissLaura of the blog Blue-Granite points out, by this logic Senator George Allen's "macaca" remark was only offensive because the person he was describing was in the room.

Over the course of the week the video on YouTube was watched by approximately 8,000 people and was listed as one of the top 100 most viewed videos on the site.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dispatch from Plymouth: you should know Carole Estes

It’s hard to know where to start when you’re talking about Carole Estes. An Air Force veteran and life-long Democrat, Carole has 47 years of experience in managing computer departments and dealing with law enforcement systems. Now Carole is running for the State House in District 7 of Grafton County, which covers Plymouth and Hebron. She understands this community with all of its intricacies, and is involved wherever she sees an opportunity to do some good. That’s what characterizes her campaign – Concord is where she can be an asset to the people, so Concord is where she’s trying to go.

Carole is a resident of Plymouth, where her beautiful family and wonderful grandchildren also reside. She’s familiar with the issues, she listens to the concerns of her neighbors, and – most importantly – she cares immensely about making New Hampshire a better place not only for the people living and working here now, but also for the next generation.

Carole has a motto - “Life is Good." I can't tell you how many times she's said it to me when I'm sweating what amounts to small stuff, and how helpful that reminder is. That's the kind of attitude that would be an asset to Plymouth and Hebron residents in the State House. Life is good, but as her campaign literature says, “let’s enhance its quality.”

There are forward strides to be made, and voters should send Carole to Concord along with returning Mary Cooney, already a Representative for this district. Alongside Governor Lynch and future Senator Deb Reynolds, District 7 couldn’t ask for a better group of people to represent their interests.

Friday, October 06, 2006

More NH Grassroots Campaigning

This is really what makes New Hampshire different and a true home of real grassroots politics. On Wednesday, Senator John Kerry, former presidential nominee and a major reason New Hampshire turned from red to blue in 2004, was at the Pelham Senior Center to stump for state senate candidate Beth Roth.

You don't win in New Hampshire with expensive television ads. In New Hampshire, in order to win the support of a voter for the presidential primary, you have to earn it personally.

Is there any other state in the country where your lunch is served to you by a United States Senator?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bradley's On Notice! Boston Globe Highlights CSP Candidacy

Carol Shea Porter (CSP!) has put Jeb Bradley on notice and now The Boston Globe is taking note. Today, Globe Correspondent John Laidler wrote a profile of the CSP candidacy.

The article shows how CSP is going toe-to-toe with former magic-man Jeb Bradley on every issue. In previous posts, we have discussed Bradley's record at length, but Laidler throws the candidates into the limelight and under that glare, we really see the true contrast between Magic Jeb and CSP.
"I'm running for the rest of us," Shea-Porter said this week, defining that group as "the 99 percent of us that are being ignored by the Bradley-Bush team."
From the difficulty families face paying their bills to the "bungling" of the Iraq war, there is "a boiling pot of troubles that have not been addressed by this Republican Congress, and people are ready for change," contended the one-time social work administrator and college lecturer.
Shea-Porter, 53, who prior to becoming a candidate appeared frequently at the c ongressman's local town meeting forums to ask him pointed questions, said that Bradley has been "very, very good to the Bush administration."
As examples, she said Bradley "has not voted for a balanced budget," has "no vision on health care," and had been "a great friend to his peer group -- the top 1 percent" of income earners, through his vote for tax cuts and other measures.
"He talks and walks like a conservative in Washington, D.C., and then comes home and says he's a moderate," Shea-Porter said.

It's often said that politics in New Hampshire is retail, and if that is
the case, Jeb Bradley is in a lot of trouble. The Laidler article points out
that under Bradley, the Granite State has been getting a raw deal.

"Jeb Bradley knows I have never called for an increase in taxes," Shea-Porter said, "because I'm in the middle class and we're the ones getting hit. It's Jeb Bradley and his peer group in the top 1 percent that have benefited from our tax structure."
And, she said, the GOP-controlled Congress "took a budget surplus and gave us the largest deficit in our history."

Click on the link below to read John Laidler's article.

"A Stark Contrast In The First District," by John Laidler of the Boston Globe. October 5, 2006.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WaPo Columnist E.J. Dionne: NH Loves Lynch, He's The Anti-Bush

This morning syndicated Washington Post Columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. analyzes the popularity of Gov. John Lynch in New Hampshire. Dionne describes the Governorship of John Lynch as “a model for a new wave of moderate Democrats.” Below are some of the key excerpts from the column, but you can CLICK HERE to read the full story.
...Consider the latest WMUR Granite State Poll by the University of New Hampshire's Survey Center. Asked the classic question about whether "things in New Hampshire" were going in "the right direction" or were "seriously off on the wrong track," an astonishing 79 percent saw their state moving the right way; only 14 percent saw it on the wrong track.

But when asked exactly the same question about how their country was doing, only 34 percent of New Hampshire residents said "right direction"; 56 percent said "wrong track."

That is good news for Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat who leads his Republican opponent, Jim Coburn, by a 69-14 percent margin in the latest survey. It is bad news for Bush, whose approval rating in New Hampshire is 36 percent.

It may be no accident that Lynch's ratings are high while Bush's are low. Nick Clemons, the executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, sees voters consciously contrasting the peaceable political kingdom their state has become with what's happening several hundred miles to their south. "Washington," he says, "is the foil for New Hampshire."

The success of Democratic governors such as Lynch (and, for that matter, of that re-scripted and now-moderate Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger in California) also reflects a default by national Republicans on domestic issues.

The president's relentless focus on terrorism combined with growing disenchantment with his Iraq policies pushes voters to seek leadership from state and local politicians on issues such as education and health care...

...The irony is that Bush has fostered a backlash against himself, against ideology and against partisanship that, as a former governor, he should have seen coming.
To read the entire article click on the following link:

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dispatch from Plymouth: you should know Peter Glenshaw

We've had some great news recently about both the Governor's continued popularity all over the state as well as just how close we are with Paul Hodes' campaign in the second Congressional District. In Grafton County, both of those candidates are going to be helped by the energy coming from further down on the ticket.

So many of our local candidates are doing a fantastic job of reaching out to residents and taking their message to voters, but nothing says "energy" like the campaign of Peter Glenshaw - Democrat for County Commissioner. Peter, a resident of Lyme, is taking on incumbent Ray Burton, who also happens to serve on the Executive Council for District 1, which covers most of New Hampshire. (If you've never seen a map of the EC districts you should take a look and see how much ground Ray is supposed to cover in addition to focusing on Grafton County.) As Peter told the Upper Valley News, "It's time for somebody to be dedicated solely to the county." And Peter is definitely the man for the job!

Of course, Peter has some great grassroots experience - he co-founded and is serving as the first Chairman of Democracy for New Hampshire, and has worked so hard to see that organization blossom from 30 members to over 1000. He can now direct that energy toward his own campaign - there are five more weeks to go, but Peter has already knocked on over 1,000 doors! Voters in communities ranging from Wentworth to Monroe have had the opportunity to meet him face to face and hear his passionate vision for the county, which includes making fiscally responsible choices with regards to the county jail, as well as making sure that the critical access to high-speed internet that so many of us take for granted is available to everyone.

As Democrats, we're lucky to have Peter on our side - and the people of Grafton County will be lucky to have Peter focusing on their needs after his victory in November. Check out Peter's website for more information, and learn how you can help out! He may seem indefatigable, but I'm sure he'd love to have company canvassing in your neighborhood. (And it's a great chance to talk with voters about Governor Lynch, Paul Hodes, and the fantastic Deb Reynolds, candidate for State Senate in District 2, which covers most of Grafton County.)

There are so many candidates that are working really hard on behalf of not only themselves, but the rest of our Blue Slate as well - I hope to spotlight as many of them as I can as we come down the look forward to more Dispatches from Plymouth!

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