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Monday, July 31, 2006

Canvass a Huge Success!

Over a hundred volunteers knocked on over 2000 doors this past Saturday, making our canvass an overwhelming success. Though the weather was steamy, the energy of our volunteers was fantastic.

So now that the canvass is over we are looking for stories from our volunteers of voters they talked to, dogs they ran from, and anything else interesting that transpired on Saturday. We have canavasses coming up in Exeter and Concord this Saturday and Nashua, Plymouth, and Manchester two weekends from now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Building! New Blog! New Staff!

It's an exciting time in Manchester. Monday when the new office in Manchester opened I started as a new Field Organizer! I'll be working with Hudson, Auburn, Londonderry, Hampstead, Windham, Pelham, Atkinson, Plaistow, Salem, and Derry.

The past few days have flown by as I have started to meet the town chairs and candidates from around the region. Next week I will start going around the region and attending town meetings and events. If there is an event or meeting in your town let me know or post them on the Blog, I would love to come meet you and get involved.

As I talk to Democrats from around N.H. the EXCITEMENTNT is undeniable! Candidates, volunteers, and voters are getting ready to keep NH blue. We have an incredible bunch of interns and volunteers that keep the office running and new volunteers have started to drop by after seeing our new office; but we need more! This is our state and we all have to help out. Start by letting your friends know the Blog is back and come stop by our new office or give your town committee chair a call and see what you can do to help! Then go to and find out about 1 of our 5 canvasses' around the state this weekend.

Don't forget that Governor Lynch throws out the first pitch tonight for the Fisher Cats.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Canvass This Weekend!!

I just wanted to put up a quick post about the canvass this weekend. The new office is full of activity right now: turf cutting, literature bundling, map highlighting, etc...

If you haven't planned to do so already, please try to join us this Saturday at one of the five canvass locations which are listed at

This will be a great opportunity to get out and spread the word about all of our candidates in 2006.

We are going to take back the State Senate in November and we want you to be a part of this important step towards our goal.

See you Saturday!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Office, Same Great Taste

As a grassroots organizer I know that the heart of the party doesn't live in any building, especially the party's campaign headquarters. But it sure is exciting when we move into space from which we can base our voter contact efforts.

That's right the coordinated campaign headquarters is open. We are located at 379 Elm St in Manchester; our new phone number is 625-0010. Before long we will open other field offices.

And in the hope of providing one-stop-shopping on either side of us are the New Hampshire for Lynch campaign and the offices for Senator D'Allesandro and Senate candidates Betsi DeVries and Bob Backus.

Please come in, say hi, and spend some time working to elect Democrats. We'd love to see you.

Monday, July 24, 2006

College Democrats Convention (Update 3)

On the star-studded last day of the convention, we heard from both House
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack. Both had really
great things to say; Rep. Pelosi talked about the agenda for the Democratic
Congress on the horizon, and Gov. Vilsack talked about Democrats' prospects
in gubernatorial races across the country, noting Governor Lynch's
astronomical approval rating and the uniqueness of New Hampshire's state
government structure. We also had a discussion on student voting rights,
which was of special interest to us in the aftermath of our victory on HB
1566. Finally, we took care of the official CDA business on the agenda, and
the convention was done. It has been a great weekend for the New Hampshire
delegation, and the CDNH now has a great starting point to work from as we
take the group forward in the coming year.

College Democrats Convention (Update 2)

Friday we got some really focused training that should be a huge help this
fall and beyond. After a breakfast put on by Evan Bayh and a general
strategy session, we had four sessions of training, during each of which
everyone had a choice among specific topics in Field Organizing,
Communications, Programming, and Infrastructure. Specific topics included
Voter Contact 101, Working with the Media, Event Planning, Fundraising,
GOTV, and The Democratic Message, just to name a few. All in all, it was
perfect for the CDNH group preparing to really take off in the coming year.
We also had an address followed by a more intimate question and answer
session with Gen. Wesley Clark, who spoke fondly, on more than one occasion,
of his experiences in New Hampshire during the last election cycle.

The early evening was devoted to internal politics with a
question-and-answer session for all the candidates running for national CDA
offices. One of the best things about the convention so far has been
getting to know all of the candidates personally (in fine New Hampshire
form), so that no matter who wins, the CDNH will have a great relationship
with the national board in the coming year.

College Democrats Convention

Mike Heslin, a student at Dartmouth College, a member of the College Democrats of New Hampshire is in St. Louis for the annual College Democrats of America convention. He will be giving us updates periodically of what's going on...

Greetings from St. Louis! Today was the first day of the College Democrats
of America Convention, and it has been tremendous so far. The members of
our state board who are here spent the majority of today at a Leadership
Retreat learning how to run a successful state federation. We got some
great tips for getting the CDNH fully up and running come fall. We also had
a talk from Howard Dean to kick things off. He said some great things about
how Dems can focus our message for the upcoming elections, and afterwarcs I
think we were all pretty revved up for the possibilities in the next 2
elections. It's so great to meet other college dems from across the country
and exchange ideas; this should be a great weekend!

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