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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NH's New Residents

I was cleaning off my desk this morning in preparation for painting our office tonight and ran across the UNH poll from February. You remember the one that gave Lynch stratospheric approval ratings and Bush's approval ratings were in the 30s (72 and 39 to be exact)

What I noticed today are the numbers regarding residents who have lived in New Hampshire less than 5 years.
71% disapprove of the Job President Bush is doing
67% approve of the job that Gov Lynch is doing
30% are favorably disposed to Rep Bass.
33% are favorably disposed Rep Bradley.

The take away is that this group has highest dislike towards Republicans Bush, Bass, and Bradley and, importantly, it is the group in which Gov Lynch could still improve his standing.

So if you see a new moving van in your neighborhood, don't be bashful. Invite them to your next Democratic meeting. Talk to them about our governor. Chances are they will be a key constituency for us this November.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

I am about to head into our weekly staff meeting here at NHDP HQ, but before I did I wanted to throw up an open thread for people to post to.

Feel free to talk about whatever is on your mind, whether it is Sen. Evan Bayh's visit to our state this past Sunday, George Mason basketball, or Gov. Lynch's legislation aimed at increasing our high school graduation rate here in NH.

Also, please don't forget our third Keep NH Blue training is coming up this Saturday at 1pm in Manchester at the City Dems office at 848 Elm St.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Driving through the Land of Lincoln

On Monday I drove my furniture, bikes, and, most importantly, my dog from Missouri to New Hampshire. The drive, 26 hours straight, allowed for a great deal of time for reflection (compounded by the fact that there was neither a tape or cd player in the truck).

Driving through Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, I was reminded of a passage from the recent Doris Kearns Goodwin book, Team of Rivals, about how Lincoln organized for his elections. By citing it here I am not sure if I owe Doris some royalties, so if I do, she or one of her agents can track me down.

“Throughout his eight years in the state legislature, Lincoln proved an extraordinarily shrewd grassroots politician, working to enlist voter support in the precincts for his party’s candidate. His experience taught him what every party boss has understood through the ages: the practical machinery of the party organization-the distribution of ballots, the checklists, the rounding up of voters-was as crucial as the broad ideology laid out in the party platform. His 1840 campaign plan divided the party organization into three levels of command. The county captain was to ‘to procure from the poll-books a separate list for each Precinct’ of everyone who had previously voted for the Whig slate. [E]ach was responsible for making a “a perfect list” of all their voters, designating which names were likely from past behavior to vote with the Whigs an which were doubtful. The list would then be divided by every precinct captain “into Sections of ten who reside most convenient to each other.’ The captain of each section would then be responsible to ‘see each man of his section face to face, and procure his pledge…[to] vote as early on the day as possible.”

I was struck the first time I read this passage about how little my job and that of our county and town committees has changed since the days of Lincoln despite all our new technology from the internet to cell phones and Palm Pilots to satellite mapping. The keys to winning elections are compiling good lists so that our time is used efficiently on those who are likely to vote and then contacting them, ideally, face to face.

A great man, President, and campaigner there is a great deal still to learn and emulate from Lincoln, despite being a Republican.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Beginning of a Hooksett Democratic Committee

On Saturday New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson came to a house party in Hooksett, but this isn’t a post about his visit but rather why he visited Hooksett. Its because the Merrimack County Democratic Committee recognized that Hooksett, a town of 7250, has no town committee, and we desperately need one. This event was an attempt to pull strong, interested Democrats out of the woodwork.

In the 1st Congressional District there are 19 towns without a chair and many more without a strong committee. Now is the time to form a committee or adopt the town next door and start one. First it’s the window to do so and then once elected you can attend the State Convention on June 3. But perhaps more importantly is that we start organizing now; we get to know our fellow activists and Democratic Volunteers now; now is the time to be social, have a movie night, plan a fundraising supper. The fall is too close to the election to begin finding and organizing our fellow Democratic voters.

But back to the Hooksett house party, over 25 people attended and many were very interested in starting a town committee. As I am sure you’ll agree, it’s a good feeling to see so many likeminded Democrats in the same room, energized by our prospects this year.

Also worth highlighting are the efforts of Bob Perry, Strafford Town Chair, who has single-handedly taken it upon himself to call Democrats in New Durham and Middleton, two towns that don’t have a committee either and invite them to a caucus.. He has gotten a great response and hopes to have 20+ attended their meeting on Apr 4 where St Rep Jackie Cilley will be the featured speaker.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

First Keep NH Blue training in Plymouth a huge success!

Two Saturdays ago Democrats from all over Grafton County gathered at the Regional Senior Center in Plymouth to learn, share, and organize for the upcoming elections in November. This was the first of a series of Keep NH Blue Activist Trainings to occur across the state, and despite the gorgeous whether outside, over 30 Democrats were present to learn about the goals and strategies for their town as well as the state party this year.

The training was hosted by the Plymouth Democratic Committee chaired by Deb Reynolds and the Plymouth Area Democrats chaired by Martha Richards. The attendees represented towns large and small from the county, including Orford, Lebanon, Hanover, Plymouth, Rumney, Campton, Holderness and Wentworth. Everyone left energized, and equipped with new tools and winning game plan for 2006.

Other highlights of the organizing session was a comprehensive presentation by the Committee to Elect House Democrats about running for State Representative, as well as a public hearing on the Democratic Party Platform for 2006. Though much work was accomplished, and much progress was made, the most important thing was, as one town chair commented upon leaving, “This was fun!”

The next Keep NH Blue Activist Training will be held on March 25th in Concord at 10am at the IBEW Hall on Airport Rd. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First Blog Posting

We are pleased to announce the New Hampshire Democratic Party Blog. It is a way for us to provide a forum for people to interact with one another, provide suggestions to the party, and to get our message. Please check back often for updates.

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