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Friday, November 03, 2006


We have received word that households are receiving numerous, misleading automated phone calls that sound as if they are coming from Paul Hodes when they in fact are NOT. These calls potentially violate New Hampshire election law and need to be stopped immediately.
We have seen it before from Republican operatives in New Hampshire. This is an example of a last minute desperate attempt by forces who are scrambling in the face of potential defeat on Tuesday.

If you receive any suspicious phone calls, please listen carefully and save the recording on your answering machines. Call Kathleen Strand at the New Hampshire Democratic Party at (603) 625-0010 or email

Also, if you have received one of these misleading calls from the NRCC, you can report it at where people from across New Hampshire can report dirty campaign tricks from the Republican Party and hold them accountable.


At 11/05/2006 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Terror mailing from the GOP:
I have received a Terror Mailer from the nhgop. Headling" Don't let Democrats make Us Weak". They are claiming the Americans forces have never backed down and have never run from a fight. This is Hitler propaganda to scare us. The flyer also claims "A Democrat controlled Congress= A Dangerous World." We need to unite against the Bush war mongers and stop this loss of our rights. We cannot defeat the Terrorist with a ground war!! America needs a balance of power andthat will be achieved with a Democratic Congress. We need Congressional oversight to control out Executive power!!!

Jeff Yarus, Keene, NH


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