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Monday, October 30, 2006

GOTV is almost here!

It is our last full week before election day and you can feel the electricity in the office. I can't write much because I need to get back to entering last minute data, building visibility totems, and finding phone bank volunteers.

Speaking of phone bank volunteers....we need your help on election day and the three days before, or GOTV weekend as we like to call it in the biz. Please go to to sign up to volunteer. Even if you only have one hour to give Saturday-Tuesday we can use your help.

Onward to victory!


At 10/31/2006 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can also feel the electricity coming from WMUR, where tonight they ran a nice long "suck and blow" piece on Charlie Bass. They dragged out his antique car and an old one-lunger motor, and mouthed platitudes about how good "Charlie" is at "fixing things". It goes some way to show how desperate they are, but also shows how much they think they can get away with. I hope equal time is being demanded loudly and often, and that they can be browbeaten into taping a similiar peice subject to Pauls campaign approval. I won't hold my breath, but it would be very nice to hear an effort will be made. The segment was nothing but a 10 minute campaign ad, right in the middle of the 6 o'clock news, and I bet it will run tonight as well. Lets see them held to account.

At 11/01/2006 9:43 AM, Blogger Ed said...

Here are some of my thoughts after watching the streaming video of the debates. I'm sure that most voters will focus on more local issues, but it is with the election cycles that don't include such huge fanfare (i.e., presidential) that we have a chance to affect change. To set our voting choices up for 2008. For whatever they are worth, here are some of my thoughts:


Ideas on balance of power and the best choice of candidates for public office

In the light of current events taking place, finding the core of what is important when voting is difficult. In my view the ideas revolve around ideology that is fairly clear and can be identified, from my observations, along party lines.

The Republican Party in my view wants to perpetuate the health of this country by doing more of what they have done in the past. This is not necessarily a poor choice until you realize that the factors have changed and the long-term needs of the country are shifting. We are no longer a nation that needs to so heavily base our outcome on the basis of a war economy. It is painful to acknowledge that as a nation we have almost become addicted to the cycle of engaging in war, creating industries resulting from that war, and building our economy on those industries. The Republican Party encourages businesses to be the foundation for a national economy based on these cycles and when war is a result of the natural global tapestry, our country requires the philosophies that Republicans have traditionally embraced. It is when war is waged in a clearly manipulated way that it becomes an issue that can no longer be left squarely in the hands of lawmakers. Our elected officials carry not only the moral responsibilities they remind us of so clearly around elections, but they also carry the fiscal responsibilities of their constituents and are forced to make decisions in the context of their peers (Congress, State Senates, etc.) and at the executive level. When faced with the decisions that are peer driven on one level and constituent driven on another, Republicans seem to be consistent – they decide along capitalist lines….ultimately. It’s not difficult to see why a manipulated war, if indeed the war on terror truly is an example of one, would cause this party to continue to embrace diminishing returns in terms of loss of human lives and fading hopes of social and political reform in the occupied country of Iraq.

The Democratic Party on the other hand seems to consistently come down on the side of the individual. At least the party bases their perpetuation on the larger, intangible concepts that allow citizens to operate as free participants within the American social and political landscape. By defending these freedoms, Democrats begin to base subsequent decisions for the country from the perspective of the individual. Realistically though, at the Congressional level, politicians of this party make the same decisions that Republicans do and they seem to do so based (in general terms) more from constituent exchanges rather than from a doctrine that is forged and subsequently altered around election times. The Democratic Party seems more fluid than Republicans and this may be their downfall. Still, in addressing the current state of affairs the balance seems to have been tipped. A war that may or may not have been manipulated, for any number of reasons, is showing signs of failure. The long-term view is changing and while a case may be had that Republican philosophies have worked before in circumstances such as these, the uncertainty of government involvement and intention into this military intervention calls for a return for each individual of this country to their own beliefs. Whereas our elected officials are all ostensibly champions of the core beliefs that drive us as Americans and as people for the greater good, the larger initiatives set to propel our country forward are going to be found more clearly in Democratic philosophies. In times of uncertainty, we ask ourselves who we are and where we have come from. We do not continue doing the same thing in error repeatedly hoping for a different result.

Addressing the issue of the greater good, this should not be confused with judging the individual. It has been all too often observed in recent years, our chief executive serving as an example, that politicians have been held up as individual examples or templates as to how we should model rather than how we should think about or consider our citizenry. Leadership at the political and elected level is not a function of reflection. The Fine and Performing Arts are a forum for the exchange of thought. Politics are a forum for building consensus and subsequently basing our decisions as a nation regarding our wellbeing and our future. The struggle between Politics and the Arts (as can be seen in the media between “Hollywood” and “The Administration”) is for one very intangible but very important thing – the greater good. This struggle has led to a blurring of the line between artistic thought-provocation and political issue-promotion. And while the expenditure of vast sums of dollars has continued in this struggle, the new media has become increasingly more involved as the third party in a larger triad of disfunction. The integrity of our news agencies has been compromised not only because of the profits seen from sensationalism, but it is because our leadership has to a leader accepted that if greed (the perjorative for “capitalism”) is good for our country, then it is also good for the individual. Our country is spiraling because capitalism, on one hand, asks these three factions (Politics, Arts, The Media (News) to succeed and drive a vast portion of our economy. On the other hand, they are pulling us all away from the basis of our existence as Americans. We are not here to watch television to death. We are here not to enjoy the violent clash of ideology that is inherent in law making. We are not here to pick over the fine details of every salacious and titillating news story that can be identified. And because of the competing interests of the news media, the Arts (Fine and Performing) and Politics in general, the United States as a country is continually asked to redefine the greater good. It is not adequate to sum up this problem by stating that our morals have become relative. It is now time to ask our leadership and to ask everyone to a citizen to become reflective. Truth is self-evident. Why are we really in Iraq? Which path is best for us not just as individuals, but as a country? And if we make this decision during this election for the appropriate leadership, what characteristics are necessary to treat the problem rather than alleviate the symptoms?

There will always be wars, always be shortfalls in budgets, always be crime, always be social problems to fix and always be divisions to close and differences to settle. There will never be another “Now” in which to seize the opportunity we have to stand up and walk again as the country that we have been and can be. To a person, regardless of age, regardless of income, regardless of beliefs, regardless of what you think you have read and understood now to be our greatest struggle: vote your future and your country’s future. The choice is either an ever spiraling nation churning a fire hydrant’s flow of information to tell them the truth, or a country of people who already know it. You.

Vote. Vote Democrat.


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