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Thursday, September 28, 2006

UNH Poll Has Paul Hodes Catching Bass

A poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center was released yesterday showing that the Second Congressional District challenger Paul Hodes is gaining significant ground on GOP incumbent Charlie Bass.

A July poll by the UNH Survey Center showed Bass leading by 24 percentage points. Now with 40 days (yes, 40 days!!) left until November 7, Paul Hodes has closed the gap to ten points!

Meanwhile, Charlie Bass is hearing footsteps and is definitely starting to feel the pressure. He is using federal resources for campaign purposes and went on the attack this week when he began airing a misleading and negative attack ad that questions Paul Hodes' plan for Iraq.

In the ad, a voice-over implies that the plan Hodes put forward would send our troops to another country in the Middle East, but Kurdistan is actually a region in northern Iraq that is currently in the center of the sectarian violence.

Click here, if you want to read more about what Paul Hodes' plan for Iraq actually looks like.

The United States has approximately 142,000 men and women in uniform [San Fransisco Chronicle, 9/26/06] and is spending $2 billion a week in Iraq [Boston Globe, 9/28/06]. The persistent violence in Iraq and the continuing presence of U.S. troops is an issue that Paul Hodes is taking very seriously as he is presenting serious ideas. He is trying to start a dialogue about getting our troops home, leaving Iraq sovereign and self-sufficient. Instead of engaging in this important debate, Bass chose to make misleading attacks on Paul Hodes.

It is becoming more and more clear to New Hampshire voters that Charlie Bass has followed the President’s lead every step of the way, and that staying the course in Iraq is no longer an option.

Help Paul Hodes make up those last 10 percentage points by writing a letter to the editor, canvassing and volunteering in other ways. For more information as to how you can get involved for Paul Hodes or any other candidate, call the New Hampshire Democratic Party at (603) 625-0010 or go online to

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Yesterday, Judge Mangones denied a motion by the New Hampshire Republican Party, the Republican National Committee, and other defendants to dismis the civil suit filed by the New Hampshire Democratic Party as a result of the criminal conspiracy to jam Democratic phone lines in the 2002 election.

For those of you out there who don't know the background, high ranking republican operatives conspired to jam phone lines of Democrats trying to get out the vote on Election Day 2002. Over the last four years New Hampshire Democrats and various others have uncovered evidence piece by piece tying Republican leaders to the conspiracy. James Tobin, former Northeast Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Chuck McGee, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, and Allen Raymond, the head of GOP Marketplace, have all been convicted as a result of their involvement in the phone-jamming scandal.

Uncovering the evidence to earn these convictions was the result of years of breaking apart the GOP stonewall. The RNC has spent millions of dollars defending these criminals and the New Hampshire Democratic Party continues to dig deeper in order to find out exactly how high up in the Republican leadership the conspiracy went.

Here is what New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan had to say about Judge Mangones' decision:
"I am very thankful to the Court for once again rejecting efforts by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and the other defendants to dismiss our case. This ruling permits the New Hampshire Democratic Party to continue its efforts to hold those responsible for this crime accountable for their interference with the 2002 election."

With the latest revelation about Charlie Bass's Policy Director using federal resources to conduct opposition research and pretending to be a liberal blogger, it shows that Republican dirty tricks are alive and well here in New Hampshire. We are going to continue to chip away at the GOP stonewall and hold them accountable for their phone jamming crimes.

Bass Attacks After Key Aide Forced To Resign

Literally hours after Charlie Bass's Policy Director and second in command Tad Furtado was forced to resign for using federal resources to gather opposition research and pose as a liberal blogger making negative comments about Paul Hodes, Charlie Bass has decided to strike back with more negative attacks.

Charlie Bass is definitely feeling the heat underneath the spotlight and with no positive issues to talk about he has gone on the attack. President Bush is polling at 42% nationwide [, 9/25/06] and Charlie Bass has voted with the GOP 87% of the time, and with Tom DeLay 88% of the time that they were in the House of Representatives together [].

If you believe, as I do, that New Hampshire needs more than another "Yes Man" in DC, then let's get behind Paul Hodes and make sure that on November 7, we send him to Washington to represent New Hampshire, not President Bush and special interests.

Here is a transcript of the new attack ad by Charlie Bass:
Charlie Bass: I’m Charlie Bass and I approve this message.
Voice Over: What’s Paul Hodes’ Plan for Iraq?
Paul Hodes: We cannot just abandon Iraq.
Voice over: Now Hodes says we should pull out.
[AP, 9/12/06]
Paul Hodes: We cannot just abandon Iraq.
Voice Over: So which is it?
Paul Hodes: We cannot just abandon Iraq.
Voice Over: Now, Hodes wants to send troops into Kurdistan. Kudistan? Hodes says he’s got a plan for Iraq.
Paul Hodes: Yeah? And I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell.
Voice Over: Sorry Paul, we’re not buying it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another GOP Dirty Trick Revealed

At this point it is hardly surprising to hear about Republican dirty campaign tricks here in the Granite State as we are still digging up more and more in the phone jamming case (Judge Mangones just denied a GOP request to throw out the case, watch this space for more details). Now however, Republicans have uprgraded their ploys to the blogosphere.

For quite some time now a blogger by the name of "IndieNH" or "IndyNH" has been leaving comments on various political blogs throughout New Hampshire claiming to be a hardcore Democrat and Paul Hodes supporter, but always bemoaning the strength of Charlie Bass.

IndyNH claimed to have given up on Hodes and suggested that people spend their time and money elsewhere. Suffice to say this was more than a little suspicious. "MissLaura," who blogs on Blue-Granite, became suspicious when IndyNH started posting comments like these:

I am going to look at the competitive race list to figure out where to send another / netroots donation and maybe help out in other ways. Maybe CT or NY for me - they are at least close by.

Anyone interested in pooling NH efforts for some of those races? Maybe we could even go help out for a few days in buses or something in November?

It was then that MissLaura began to dig, and it wasn't long until she made a startling story and uncovered IndyNH's terrible secret. IndyNH was posting his laments from an US House of Representatives IP address.

This is what makes the difference between petty deception and a violation of House rules against using government resources to campaign. At this point the floodgates opened as Roll Call picked up the story.

Laura Clawson, who runs the Blue Granite blog and writes as “Miss Laura,” told HOH that she and another blogger easily traced IndieNH’s IP address to the House server. They could even see the searches Mr. or Ms. IndieNH was doing to gather opposition research on Bass’ challenger, Paul Hodes (D), such as “Hodes and gay marriage” and “Hodes and taxes.” [Raw Story, 9/25/06]

Shortly after a spokesman for Representative Bass admitted that IndyNH was one of their staffers. It turns out IndyNH is none other than Charlie Bass's Policy Director Tad Furtado and he was Charlie Bass's number 2 in command in his Washington office. This afternoon it was announced that Tad Furtado had resigned.

Since then, the story has exploded with articles published by the AP, The Concord Monitor, The Manchester Union Leader, and ABC affiliate WMUR-9.

Republicans spinmeisters have been dismissing Paul Hodes for months, but over the last few days it has become abundantly clear how serious they take his challenge.

Frankly I am fired up, and this is just going to make us work even harder to elect Paul Hodes on November 7.

Friday, September 22, 2006

See Paul Hodes' New TV Ad

Paul Hodes is going to offer a new direction for New Hampshire this fall. See and hear what he has to say about Charlie Bass by clicking on the video below.

Alternatively, click on this link here:

Meanwhile, Charlie Bass has put out his own ads, and to say they are filled with mistruths would be an understatement. His newest television ad features the Congressman touting himself as an independent voter who votes according to what he thinks is right - even if it doesn’t make members of his own Party happy. Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is asking Congressman Bass to recheck his voting record.

Congressman Bass cites voting on tax cuts for businesses and working families, exposing wasteful spending and demanding members put their names on pork barrel spending projects as evidence of an independent voting record. Well, where was Charlie Bass on the tough choices that were actually hard to make but right to do?

In addition to supporting President Bush’s misguided war in Iraq time and again, Charlie Bass voted against controlling exploding energy costs, with Tom Delay to weaken ethics rules, with Tom Delay in opposition of closing the lucrative "Revolving Door" between lobbying & lawmaking, with Tom Delay in support of a Medicare drug law that gave drug companies billions in profits and left seniors with high out of pocket costs, with Tom DeLay in opposition to expanding TRICARE to thousands of National Guard reservists and volunteers, and in support of the President’s budget that slashed veterans healthcare funding by $14 billion.

By the Numbers:

Charles Bass has voted with indicted former GOP Leader Tom DeLay 88% of the time. (

Charles Bass has voted the party line on 87 % of the tough votes, putting party leadership ahead of the American people when it mattered most. (

“Nice try, Charlie,” said Clemons. “Time and time again you have voted for the failed policies of President Bush and indicted Congressional Republican leader Tom Delay instead of the interests of New Hampshire families, seniors and veterans. Well, New Hampshire voters are smarter than that, so your misleading ad simply won’t work. The truly independent minds that make up this great state are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. That’s why come November, they are going to vote for a change in leadership and they’re going to send Paul Hodes to Congress.”

BASS AD TRANSCRIPT: "In Washington, Republicans weren't happy when I led the fight to oust Tom DeLay. Democrats didn't like it when I supported tax cuts for businesses and working families. Some in both parties weren't happy when I fought to expose wasteful spending, demanding members of Congress put their names on pork barrel spending projects. I'm Charlie Bass, and I approve this message. I may not get invited to many dinner parties on Capitol Hill, but no political party tells me how to vote. Never has, never will."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jeb Bradley, Meet The Great Bradlini!

Apparently, Congressman Jeb Bradley has had quite the colorful past. According to the National Journal Almanac of American Politics before entering congress, Jeb Bradley was an amateur magician.

With that in mind, the New Hampshire Democratic Party yesterday announced the newest incarnation of millionaire Congressman Jeb Bradley -- "The Great Bradlini.”

“The Great Bradlini” is an activist who models himself on Jeb Bradley and his mysterious, magic ways. Jeb Bradley has proven adept at juggling congressional votes for special interests and misdirection, saying one thing in New Hampshire and then using his votes for his own political and financial gain.

According to a recent article in Harper's Magazine, Bradley, who owns almost $1 million in energy industry stocks, saw the value of his energy holdings increase by $100,000 in 2004. This increase followed closely on the heels of nine roll call votes that benefited the energy industry at the expense of consumers and the environment.

Onlookers watched the “The Great Bradlini” make his debut in the CR Sparks parking lot at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, where Mary Matalin, famed GOP Spinmeister and former advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, was speaking at a Bradley fundraiser.

Keep your eyes out around the state for "The Great Bradlini." Wherever Jeb Bradley will be, rest assured that "The Great Bradlini" will not be far behind.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


United States Senator and potential 2008 Presidential candidate Chris Dodd joined Governor John Lynch and the 2006 Democratic slate tonight to headline the Democrats' General Election Kick-Off celebration in Manchester. Hosted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party (go team!), the Kick-Off gave Democratic candidates, including Gov. Lynch, the opportunity to thank their supporters and energize them for the final 53 days of the campaign.

"I am proud to support Gov. Lynch and New Hampshire Democrats who are united here tonight with such tremendous energy and focus on what really matters to the hardworking families of this great state," said Sen. Dodd. "It's time to get to work and spread the word that New Hampshire Democrats have the vision and the integrity to get things done in Concord and in Washington, DC."

Senator Dodd also was not shy about endorsing the New Hampshire Primary saying that "New Hampshire has earned the right to be the first primary," and should he run for President in '08 he will definitely campaign in New Hampshire.
Democrats from all over New Hampshire joined Sen. Dodd and Gov. Lynch including Congressional candidates Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter (CSP!); New Hampshire House and Senate candidates and candidates for Executive Council.

The support and energy at the event was tremendous and I think it mirrors the enthusiasm that Democrats across the state are feeling in these last weeks of the campaign. We have an experienced and strong set of candidates that Granite Staters clearly support and will elect in November.

It was a great pep rally, the speakers were great, Governor Lynch was frankly inspiring, and after listening to them speak, I have no doubt that CSP and Hodes both have great chances to take back Congress in November.

Here's the thing though, it's not going to happen with out huge volunteer support. So don't sit back and assume that there are plenty of volunteers out there. Don't give Bass or Bradley a single opportunity, call the NHDP at (603) 625-0010 and ask how you can help out, or go to

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

GOP Leaders Attacks First Female Manchester Firefighter On 9/11

Yesterday, the country remembered the tragedies of 9/11 five years ago. The country mourned and paid tribute to the unimaginable bravery of those men and women who gave their lives that day. However, while the country pay homage to the firefighters who lost their lives that day, Manchester Republican Chairman Jerry Thibodeau sent out a fund-raising email on behalf of State Senator Andre Martel that describes Manchester's first ever female firefighter and District 18 State Senate candidate Betsi DeVries as "a spoiled little girl."

Here is the letter in full:
Thibodeau's Fundraising Email

To say that this fund-raising letter is offensive is an understatement. Firstly, comments like Thibodeau's are never justified, no matter who it is directed and regardless gender. Secondly, 9/11 has become a day for the country to put partisan politics aside and unite in respect for the those who lost their lives five years ago.

I am not alone in feeling that Thibodeau and Martel owes an apology. "You ought to be ashamed," said Manchester City Democrats Chair Ray Buckley in an email to Thibodeau. "I demand that you immediately apologize to Alderman DeVries. Furthermore, I hope that that you will not continue this Joe Kelly Levasseur-like behavior through the election. I consider your email a vile personal attack on Alderman DeVries. If you think that Senator Martel will win a fight if the issue is character you are very, very wrong."

Click here to read Buckley's response in full:
Ray Buckley Response to Thibodeau's email

After reading Thibodeau's fund-raising email, I have little doubt that Ray Buckley is absolutely right. Also, many of you will probably remember that this is not the first time a leading New Hampshire Republican has made a wildly offensive and inappropriate comment about a female Democratic opponent. As Mr. Buckley refers to in his email, Joe-Kelly Levasseur, former chairman of the Manchester Republican party made an offensive personal comment regarding New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair. It seems that Thibodeau is following in the discourteous and rude footsteps of his predecessor.

It is telling that when PoliticsNH reporter Steve Kornacki asked if Thibodeau would care to comment, he only responded, "no."

As I said before, Betsi DeVries is Manchester's first ever female firefighter. That alone should say something about her character, but there is so much more. She served on the Manchester Fire Department for 12 years. After retiring from the department, Betsi ran for office and won her first election to the Manchester Board of Alderman in 2001. She is currently serving her third term on the board and was recently re-elected by nearly 80% of the voters in her district. In 2004 she was elected to her first term as State Representative from Manchester’s south end. DeVries serves on the Board of Directors of the Manchester YWCA, and the Heritage United Way. She is past president of the Manchester Area League of Women Voters.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Secretary of State Bill Gardner predicted this year’s primary election to have a record-low percentage turnout of 14.1 percent. On Primary Day, prove him wrong and get out and vote for the Democrats that you want representing you here in New Hampshire and in Washington D.C. Don’t forget that there are important races including the primary race for the first Congressional District. Jim Craig, Gary Dodds, Carol Shea Porter, and Dave Jarvis are all running to take on Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley.

If you want to volunteer and help Democrats get out the vote, contact the New Hampshire Democratic Party at (603) 625-0010, email us at, or go online to

Sunday, September 10, 2006


The reason that it is important for Democrats to get out the vote for the September 12 primary is that statistics demonstrate people who vote in primary elections are far more inclined to vote in the general election. Voters who vote in the primary election have a vested interest in voting in the general election while voters who do not vote in the primary are far more likely to be apathetic come Election Day. Governor Lynch, Paul Hodes, our First Congressional district candidates, our State Senate candidates, and all our candidates for State Representative benefit from a strong primary turnout this Tuesday. However, a particularly low primary turnout will bode well for Bob Flanders, Jim Coburn and Charlie Bass.

The Republican Party needs turnout to be low here in New Hampshire in order to win in November. With continuing failures at all levels of government, voters want wholesale changes in November. The Republican Party wants angry voters to stay home on Election Day. This is why that when Secretary of State Bill Gardner predicted a record low turnout for the primary election, the nationally respected Cook Political Report re-evaluated the competitiveness of New Hampshire's First Congressional District (NH-01). Within hours of Secretary of State Gardner's announcement, the Cook Political Report changed its rating of NH-01 from "leaning Republican" to "likely Republican."

Republicans ahead of the midterm election are more than aware of their weaknesses. CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and even Fox News have all reported extensively on the national disapproval of Congressional Republicans and the party's platforms in general. A CNN poll released on Tuesday reported that 64 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congressional Republicans are handling their jobs, and 55 percent of those polled said they would back a challenger in November [, 9/5/06]. Republicans know that they are facing strong Democratic opponents this year, and it would not be a surprise for them to see a strong democratic turnout on September 12.

Paul Hodes, uncontested in the Democratic Primary for the Second Congressional District (NH-02) occupied Charlie Bass, was out canvassing on Saturday. He's going door-to-door across the all day today encouraging voters to vote for him in the primary on Tuesday. He knows that if these people vote on September 12, they will be far more interested in voting for him on November 7. Some of these people will also be more inclined to volunteer for him when previously they may have stayed inactive.

Strong turnout for Hodes in the primary will put Charlie Bass on the defensive because it will show that Hodes has momentum heading into the last 60 days of the campaign. We all know about "big mo" and how crucial it can be to a challenger's campaign. Momentum could be the difference in this election between Bass surviving for another term or a victory for Hodes.

Paid for by the New Hampshire Democratic Party and not authorized by any federal candidate or candidate's committee.