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Thursday, August 17, 2006

NH Democrats Out In Force On Education

This week saw NH Democrats unite behind education. It was Second Congression District candidate Paul Hodes who got the ball rolling by joining with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm "Rahmbo" Emanuel in support of a College Tuition Tax Credit. The Refundable tax credit for college tuition proposed by Rahm Emanuel and Paul Hodes would create a $3,000 a year credits to undergrad and graduate students.

Granite State Democrats also gathered Wednesday at UNH in Durham to talk about the College Tax Credit, their accomplishments regarding education, and their continued dedication to making education a legislative priority. Senator Martha Fuller Clark (MFC!) and Executive Council Candidate Bev Hollingworth (Bev) were joined by state representatives Terie Norelli, Marjorie Smith, and Naida Kaen. Exeter high school teacher Kevin Fleming and Concord former professor June Frazer also joined.

UNH College Democrats President Nick Christiansen summed up the situation as it stands pretty well. "A lot of people have $15,000, $20,000 or more. I don't know how they do it, but we have to if we want the education." Nick has $10,000 worth of debt of his own.

Check out the coverage from the event in the Portsmouth Herald and Foster's Daily Democrat:
"An Effort To Ease Education Costs," by Emily Aaronson
"Higher Education Costs Decried By Democrats At UNH Forum," by Larry Clow

Here's a couple more facts about Democrats versus Republicans on Education:
  • John Lynch committed to students in his first budget that those first-year NH students who receive the maximum Pell Grant and with the help of Democrats in the NH House and Senate, these students are now able to attend the public universities here in New Hampshire for no additional tuition.

  • Despite continued increases in college tuition costs, Republicans Charlie Bass and Jeb Bradley supported President Bush's $12.7 billion cut to college student loans.

  • John Lynch is also encouraging more and more young people to consider college with Project Mentor. A program that recruits college students to mentor middle school students and encourage them to begin considering higher education.

  • In NH, 37,666 students currently borrow money to attend college and seventy percent of the Bush eduaction cuts will be shouldered directly by students and parents. The hike in interest rates alone amounts to an additional cost of $680 a year for one student.


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